Break out of the LMS. Set Your Learning Free!

Our mission is simple.

Your students and employees need access to learning activities in a variety of enterprise and mobile environments.

Your organization wants to track and report compliance, field and on site activities.

The edTotal Learning Record Store (LRS) enables your learners to access content wherever and whenever they need to without complex signs ons or multiple levels of navigation. The LRS enables your organization to securely track, store and access learner, compliance, safety and other activities.

  • Access everywhere - with the EdTotal LRS learning can happen anytime, anywhere
  • Track, inventory and collect learning and other activities in the field or on the web
  • Ability to track multiple file types including pdfs, apps, websites, mobile enabled checklists, widgets, eLearning, mLearning, videos, activity on social sites
  • Field, shop floor and on site certifications. Compliance and safety activities reported in real time
  • Content is untethered - can be housed outside the LRS or LMS and tracked in the LRS
  • Enables a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy
  • Flexibility - ability to integrate with CRM and other systems
  • No longer restricted to a single machine - designed to work on mobile platforms (Tin Can/Experience API)
  • Easily incorporated into performance support web or mobile platforms
  • Checklist Generator creates customized mobile checklists to track in the field and shop floor activities for compliance, safety documentation
  • Experiential learning - tie learning activities to performance and on the job activities
  • Less expensive for tracking and recording learning activity
  • More flexible, smaller footprint than LMS
  • Can interact with LMS
  • Happier, more knowledgeable, more effective employees and students

Break out of the LMS jail with the EdTotal LRS.

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Great mLearnCon event, illuminating conversations with innovators uncovered new uses for edTotal LRS including audits, tracking and reporting from embedded devices.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!



Streamline your training

Knowledge and performance is improved by access to information and sharing of information.

For one sales course, sales people accessed the course 700 % more often when the course was out of the LMS vs. inside the LMS.

Provide your students and staff an environment where they can access content, share content and succeed.

Check out the 5 biggest barriers to mobile learning and how edTotal helps to overcomes each and every one of them.